My Youtube List

I am going to share with you my wide range of likes in Youtube. What is the music I listen? 

Number One:

This is a song a boy sang to me at school when I was in elementary school. Good old times :)
And yes I sleep on the Bed of Roses every night. 
You probably guess the song? 
Here it comes, Bon Jovi and Bed Of Roses. Listen, like and most importantly, ENJOY!

Number Two:

A nice little cafe, beautiful barista. Glances and smiles. A little note inside a book saying: "I think you're super cute."
Know the song?
It is Mary Lambert, She keeps me warm. (well definitely such a stylish barista would keep me warm)
Here it goes, get ready to fall in love: She keeps me warm by Mary Lambert!


Number Three:

My 1970s girl crush that makes me wish I was born back in the days... This is a song by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. I hate myself for loving you. Well, honestly I would not but anyways. Listen, like if you haven´t already (shame on you) and enjoy! 


Such a stylish lady, right?

Number Four:

This goes for Woman Crush Wednesday. Makes me want to go a bubble bath with a certain someone. Ruby Rose, everyone! The beginning is just great, I want someone to jump off an skateboard just like that... See it yourself:

The Veronicas On your side  → 


Maybe I start a girl band with my own twin?

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